East Dorset District Council: Darryl Howells has successfully secured planning permission to sever land and erect a detached bungalow, with formation of car parking areas for the existing and proposed development and new vehicular access to be shared.  The site in St Ives, is within a residential suburb where the character of the area is detached bungalows positioned in a spacious plots primarily fronting the roadside.  The applicant came to Pure Town Planning after two previous planning applications for the detached bungalow had been refused by the Council and an appeal dismissed by the Planning Inspector.

Darryl reviewed the planning history for the site and suggested to the client and his architect Anders Roberts Cheer how to amend the scheme to overcome the reasons for refusal of the previous schemes.  Darryl prepared the planning application documentation, the Design & Access Statement and submitted the application to the Council.  Darryl continued to monitor the planning application and respond to all points raised by the East Dorset District Council Planning Officer throughout the process.  The scheme finally received a recommendation to approve, but was taken to Planning Committee due to objection received from the St Ives and St Leonards Parish Council.  Darryl prepared and presented a deputation to support the officer’s recommendation and Members approved the scheme without hesitation.

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