Borough of Poole: Darryl Howells has secured planning permission for the sub-division of the existing dwelling into a pair of semi-detached detached houses with new parking provision.  Prior to Pure Town Planning’s involvement the applicant used local firm Koncept architects to sketch a proposal and seek pre-application advice from the Borough of Poole Council for the proposed sub-division. The response received was negative as the planning officer considered that the proposed alignment created houses with inadequate garden space, poor internal living conditions for residents and likely harm to highway safety.

The client approached Darryl for planning advice for ideas to create an acceptable solution. Using his extensive Local Planning Authority experience, Darryl suggested improvements to the scheme including an alternative alignment of sub-division through the building that required little internal change, suggested positions for new accesses, new parking for each dwelling created and larger garden areas to meet the needs of intended residential occupiers. Pure Town Planning were then instructed to prepare the planning supporting statement, complete CIL forms and submit the planning application. The application was determined under delegated powers within 8 weeks as the planning officer considered the revised design had fully overcome the original pre-application concerns and therefore fully supported the scheme.

If you have received a negative pre-application response form a Council and want to know ideas how to turn that into an approval, then why not contact Pure Town Planning for a free honest appraisal?