Stables New Forest National Park planning permission
Image courtesy of PAD Studio

New Forest National Park Authority and New Forest District Council: Working as a team with PAD Studio, Pure Town Planning has helped secure a hard-won planning permissions in the New Forest National Park and the New Forest District Council just outside Lymington. It is one of those rare cases where the proposed development crosses the boundary between the two authorities and in these circumstances planning permission must be obtained from both.

For several years our client had been looking to secure planning consent to replace some old outbuildings and stables on his rural property just outside Lymington. It sounds like it should be straightforward but not so in the National Park particularly with a history including a dismissed appeal for a similar proposal, a cross boundary proposal and a proposal to divert a public footpath at the same time!

As the majority of the site was in the National Park, the National Park Authority received the fee (which interestingly is 1.5 times the normal fee for some reason) and took the lead on the application. Eventually the National Park planning officer erred on the side of caution and decided to recommend the application for refusal. However because the Town Council had decided to support the application it had to go to committee. An excellent deputation by our client and Wendy Perring of PAD Studio resulted in the unanimous support of the committee and planning permission was duly granted.

The complication for the District Council was that the footpath diversion proposed lay in its area. The County Rights of Way officer objected so our client instructed a rights of way specialist consultant who was able to persuade the planning officer and ultimately the District Council committee that the proposal made perfect sense. Again the committee gave unanimous support.

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