Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to have recently received planning permission for the sub-division of an existing side garden to form a new 2 bedroom starter home in the Oakdale area of Poole.

Plot severances of this nature have not always been well received in the past by the Borough of Poole and objectors to this proposal cited a number of other applications for similar forms of development which had been turned down. However as the officer pointed out in his report “All planning applications are assessed on their own merits and the context and policies prevailing at that time. It is inappropriate to compare one development in an area with a different development in that area”. In this instance the application site was larger than the prevailing plot size and therefore we were able to demonstrate that a new dwelling could be accommodated whilst still being consistent with the pattern, rhythm and size of plots along the road, due to its junction location.

Matt places this success down to two main factors: firstly a well thought out and comprehensively supported application to Borough of Poole with well presented plans prepared by Design and Development Associates and secondly constant contact and liaison with the appointed planning officer throughout the planning process, addressing any queries/issues promptly as they arose. The planning officer initially raised concerns with the width of the originally submitted scheme, we acted swiftly negotiating with the officer a “happy medium” and arranged for amended plans accordingly which enabled the planning officer to make a positive recommendation.

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