BCP Council (Poole):  Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce successfully secured Outline Planning Permission for the demolition of an existing bungalow on an embankment at the top end of Crichel Mount Road and the erection of two blocks of 7 flats (so 14 flats in total) with surface and basement car parking.

The plans were drawn by David James Architects & Partners Limited who assisted throughout the project, updating the plans quickly and offering professional support in terms of architectural design and Building Regulations criteria.

The outline planning permission has secured the matters of access, layout, appearance and scale so the applicant effectively has received 90% of planning permission for only a fraction of the planning fee. Under the Fee Regulations when an outline planning application is submitted, the applicant only pays £462 per 0.1ha, whereas a full application costs £462 per dwelling.  In this case, the outline application fee was £924 only, but had the client applied in full, then the fee would have been £6,468. The sole matter to be discharged is landscaping (the remaining 10%) which is expected to be approved quickly.

According to the Local Plan, the area of Crichel Mount Road is not one where the principle of flatted development is targeted.  As such we needed to demonstrate that the flatted accommodation here could be delivered having regard to sustainable patterns of development and excellent connectivity to localised shops and services, environmental and social benefits.  A key document in his arguments, was the appeal decision for a flatted development in nearby Lilliput Road.  That decision also won by Pure Town Planning (on a scheme drawn by David James Architects) confirmed that an Inspector accepted our arguments that flatted development outside targeted policy areas was not contrary to the objectives of national or localised planning policies, even if occupiers used cars to access nearby shops and services. 

The design of the proposed flatted development was contemporary reflective of the prevailing pattern of development in the area and the history of planning decisions for the redevelopment of the site in recent years.  With David James’ assistance, we were able to persuade the planning officers that no visual harm would be caused from either Crichel Mount Road or a lower bridleway footpath, and that neighbouring residential amenities would not be harmed.

The scheme was tested for affordable housing viability however the professionally written report prepared by John Newman of Tangent Chartered Surveyors, successfully demonstrated that the scheme was not able to deliver any affordable housing on or off site.

This decision represents a significant milestone, and demonstrates that flatted development can be delivered in areas which for historical planning reasons, were not considered appropriate for flatted development.  

If you have a site that you consider is sufficiently large to accommodate a block of flats with on site car parking, then please contact one of Pure Town Planning’s consultants to discuss the site and the planning arguments to be used to deliver that proposal in the most efficient and cost effective manner.