BCP Council (Poole): Darryl Howells has secured retrospective Listed Building consent for a client who painted the exterior of his Grade II listed building on the quayside of Poole (in a conservation area) without the benefit of permission being first obtained beforehand from the Local Planning Authority.  The application was initially invited to be submitted by the conservation officer, however during the consideration of the application the officer indicated that the colour and contrast failed to accord with the historic appearance of the building and suggested a repainting of a different colour.  Darryl professionally responded advising that the painting that had occurred was done so at  considerable cost to the applicant, and that the resultant appearance did not detract from the Listed Building overall especially as photographic evidence over the years demonstrated the façade had been painted various shades.   The conservation officer considered his rebuttal then decided to support the application under her delegated powers.

Pure Town Planning would remind all applicants that carrying out any development or changes to a building without the necessary consent is not without risk, but if you have commenced a development and need to obtain retrospective planning permission or Listed Building consent, then please contact one of our consultants to give you professional advice to how to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.