Dorset Council (Weymouth area): Chris Miell has recently secured retrospective planning permission for an annexe in the Wyke area of Weymouth.

The outbuilding was constructed in 2023 and the applicant was informed by contractors that the structure was permitted development. However this advice was incorrect, due to the ridge height of the outbuilding being too high given the proximity to the site’s side boundary. Also an annexe containing living accommodation is not deemed to meet the “incidental” requirement of permitted development.

The Council’s Enforcement Team were notified of the works and advised the homeowner that a retrospective application was required. We were duly appointed by the applicant and following a site meeting, we submitted a retrospective application.

To support the application, we prepared a design and access statement, which set out the merits of the proposal in a clear and concise manner and demonstrated to the LPA that the annexe would preserve the character and appearance of the area and neighbouring amenity.

Upon consideration of the application, the Planning Officer was supportive of the development, concluding with his report that “The outbuilding is of an acceptable single storey height of approximately 3 metres and given the generous size of the rear gardens of neighbouring occupants, it is not considered to pose any significant impact by means of an overbearing impact or severe loss of light.”

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