Dorset Council (Purbeck area): Chris Miell has recently secured planning permission for the erection of a contemporary replacement dwelling in Wareham.

The application site is located on Bestwall Road and occupied by a modest single storey bungalow of limited architectural value. The immediate context consists of mix of property types including bungalows, chalet bungalows and two storey houses, which are laid out in a linear pattern fronting the highway.

The replacement dwelling, which was designed LMA Architects, reflects the variety of designs and materials within Bestwall Road, whilst utilising contemporary details and materials. The development will provide a high-quality dwelling suitable for modern family living, which provides additional living accommodation without compromising the amenities of neighbouring occupiers.

To support the planning application, we prepared a robust design and access statement, which set out the merits of the proposal in a clear and concise manner, showing to the local planning authority that the replacement dwelling would enhance the character and appearance of the area.

During the course of the application, a number of objections were submitted by local residents who expressed concerns about the contemporary design of the proposal and its subsequent impact upon the character and appearance of the area.

Chris swiftly reviewed the comments and sent a detailed rebuttal to the Planning Officer, which set out the design merits of the proposal and explained how the bulk, scale and massing of the proposed development would be in-keeping with the local distinctiveness of the area. The application was approved by the Planning Officer without any amendments during the 8-week target period. In assessing the proposal, the Planning Officer concluded within her report that “The street scene contains a mix of properties with varying heights, forms and designs including bungalows, dormer bungalows and larger two-story properties, particularly at the eastern end of the road. Examples of loft conversions and dormer windows are also evident along the street. Although the proposed property would be a more modern addition to the immediate street scene, it is not considered that this would have a negative impact on the character of the area and reflects the variety of designs and new materials within Bestwall Road. The proposal will not detract from the local area but will add to the general mix of development in the area and the trend towards dwellings reflecting more updated design preferences.”

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