BCP Council (Christchurch): Neil McKeon is pleased to confirm planning permission for a replacement 5-bedroom dwelling in Wickfield Avenue, expertly designed by LMA Architects.

The approval sees the demolition of the existing 3-bed dwelling and detached garage. The replacement dwelling is set over 3 floors including a newly proposed converted roof space with side and rear elevation dormers. The footprint of development has been extended to the front, side and rear elevations of the existing building, in order to deliver a more spacious development in keeping with other remodels and replacement housing on both sides of Wickfield Avenue.

Through on-going consultation with the Case Officer, PTP agreed minor alterations to the initial plans whilst still delivering a high quality dwelling for the applicant. The proposal fully utilises the site’s potential whilst also safeguarding against any harmful impact upon neighbouring properties and making a positive addition to the character and appearance of Wickfield Avenue.

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