Wiltshire Council: Matt Annen, has recently secured planning permission for the erection for the conversion, extension and redevelopment of an existing commercial site to form 3 new residential family dwellings in the market town of Durrington in Wiltshire. The plans were prepared by Brian Nicholls Architects for clients Charlew Developments

The site is currently used as a hardware/retail store (use class: E); with residential owner’s flat above and an associated builder’s merchants storage yard (sui generis) at the rear of the site. The scheme followed a withdrawn and refused application on this site submitted by others, which involved a piecemeal redevelopment of the site. This application was a full application for a comprehensive redevelopment of the whole site in order to address the concerns raised previously.

On consideration of the application the appointed planning officer concluded:

“It is considered that the comprehensive scheme involving the wholesale redevelopment of this
site is appropriate and addresses all of the concerns previously highlighted at this site. The
new dwellings are sufficiently designed and the plots identified, whilst of relatively low density,
will result in a form of development that is in keeping with the existing grain, character of the
area and street scene. The proposals are therefore considered to represent an effective use
of land and will make a small but important contribution towards the Council’s current deficit in
housing supply. The proposals are also unlikely to result in any significant or adverse
implications for highway safety or neighbouring amenities and are recommended for approval

If you have received a refusal and are looking for advice on how best to proceed and overcome the Council’s concerns in order to facilitate a redevelopment of the site, why not give us a call or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk to find out if we can help you too.