Bournemouth Borough Council: Pure Town Planning are delighted to announce that we have secured our first ever B1(c) to C3 Prior Approval on a former workshop at the rear of 10 Langton Road in Boscombe.

This new permitted development right only came into force on the 1st October, meaning that this approval must be one of the first in England – if not the first!

This prior approval subject to exemptions and limitations can be only considered on the following four points:

  • Transport and highways impact on the development
  • Contamination risks
  • Flood risks; and
  • Whether the change of use of the building to residential would have an adverse impact on the sustainability of the provision of industrial and/or storage or distribution services in that area – if the building (or part of a building, if only part is being converted) considered by the LPA as important for provision of those services.

These limited points for consideration means that sites, which may otherwise be considered unacceptable to the Local Planning Authority for residential use can now be considered suitable for development.

So if you have a workshop in B1(c) use and would like a free, confidential planning appraisal of your site why not give us a call on 01202 585524 or email us at