New Forest District Council: Matt Annen is delighted to confirm that planning permission has been secured for a new bungalow on land to the rear of an existing property on Manor Road in Ringwood for clients Balson Homes. 

This application site consisted of a large rear garden. Properties situated close to the site have a varied character, with a small row of attached bungalows, detached bungalows and semi-detached houses all in close proximity to the site. There was an existing in-fill development adjacent to the site which mirrored this proposal. Other forms of in-fill development have taken place near to the site. The overall result is an area with varied plot sizes and built form.

During the planning officer’s consideration he noted that Paragraph 6.2.2 of the NFDC Core Strategy was relevant which states that new development should be ‘appropriate and sympathetic to its setting in terms of scale, height, density, layout, appearance, materials, and its relationship to adjoining buildings’. The planning officer deemed that the proposal conforms with the nature of existing development within the vicinity of the site and does not erode the character of the surrounding area. In addition because the bungalow comprised a shallow-pitched dwelling which would be appropriately screened on its boundaries with neighbouring properties there will be no impact on surrounding amenity.

The proposals included alterations to create a new access to the existing dwelling on the site involving removing part of a hedge on the frontage in order to provide an opening and visibility splays to provide two off-street parking spaces. Both properties will be served by two off-street parking spaces which the highways officer confirmed accorded with NFDC’s Parking Standards SPD.

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