Dorset Council (East Dorset area): Chris Miell has recently secured planning permission for a plot split in the Ashley Heath.

The site is located to the side of an existing dwelling on Badgers Close. The proposed development will deliver a three-bedroom chalet bungalow in a sustainable location with associated access and parking. To facilitate the plot split, the existing dwelling would also be remodelled and upgraded to improve the living conditions for future occupiers.

Prior to our involvement with the project, two prior applications for a plot split at the site had been rejected by Dorset Council. Having reviewed the decision, Chris was confident that he could secure planning permission for a revised scheme at the site, which would overcome the Council’s concerns, whilst delivering a viable scheme for the landowner.

As part of the application, we worked closely with DOT Architecture to prepare the revised scheme. Prior to submission we undertook a design review of the refused drawings and put forward several design changes which sought to overcome the Council’s concerns in respect of overdevelopment of the site and the impact on neighbouring amenity.

In addition, we prepared a thorough planning statement in support of the application, which set out the merits of the proposal in a clear and concise manner, whilst demonstrated to the LPA that the additional dwelling would not be out of character or harmful to the existing streetscene along Badgers Close.

Upon consideration of the application, the Planning Officer was supportive of the scale and positioning of the dwelling, but minor changes to the parking arrangements were required to satisfy the requirements of the Council’s Tree Officer. We negotiated with the Planning Officer on behalf of our client and DOT Architecture prepared amended plans, which were subsequently approved by Council.

In assessing the proposal, the Planning Officer concluded “The revised scheme has increased the space and visual gap between the existing dwelling and proposed new dwelling, reduced the ridge height and introduced a less bulky design. This reduction in mass and increased spacing is more respectful of the existing and prevailing spacing and pattern of development and is considered acceptable in relation to the Ashley Drive/St Ives Park Special Character Area guidance and Policy HE2 of the Local Plan, which has overcome the first reason for refusal.”

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