Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce that we have secured planning permission for the erection of a new chalet bungalow on land rear of 546 Blandford Road in Upton, Poole.

The proposal sought to utilise the overgrown rear garden and create a new plot with newly formed access at the head of the cul-de-sac on Allens Road. Through on going consultation with the Borough of Poole, the scale of the two bedroom detached bungalow has been designed with strategically positioned window openings to prevent against any potential harmful impact upon the amenities of properties at both Blandford Road and Allens Road.

Given the chalet bungalow’s restricted visual presence from Blandford Road and the frontage access to Allens Road, the Council were satisfied that the new dwelling would sufficiently form part of the Allens Road streetscene and could not be considered as isolated development. Ultimately, the Council accepted that the provision of an additional dwelling on the site carries significant social and economic benefits that supported their recommendation to approve – much to the delight of the applicant.

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