Dorset Council: Matt Annen a director of the firm is delighted to announce that planning permission has recently been granted for a plot severance and erection of a detached dwelling within the grounds of a large plot north of Wimborne town Centre. The scheme was designed by local architect Brian Nicholls Architects Ltd.

The scheme followed a previously refused scheme which saw the LPA turn the first scheme down on the basis of overdevelopment of the site and inappropriate scale of dwelling leading to a harmful impact on trees, the character of the area and detrimental impact on the outlook of neighboruing dwellings.

Our amended scheme reduced the footprint of the dwelling which allowed greater separation between boundaries and surrouding neighbour, which enabled retention of the roadside hedge. The re-designed dwelling was considered to not be cramped and thus lessening the impact on the character of the area and together with a reduction of scale the outlook from neighbours was deemeed acceptable.

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