Andover listed building extension planning consultant bournemouth
Spot the difference? The existing extension is a very poor construction with single skin walls and no damp-proofing – hence the proposed replacement…

Test Valley District Council: Some planning proposals look like they should be straightforward but actually turn out to be anything but.  In this case near Andover in Hampshire the proposal seemed simple enough – to knock down a small extension to a house and replace it with something very similar. But this is a listed building. And one where there may be bats lurking…  So two aborted planning applications later, seemingly going nowhere and tearing their hair out in frustration, the clients approached Pure Town Planning to assist. It was immediately apparent to us where the difficulties lay and what we needed to do to overcome them. We were instructed to take over the process and so we went to work; obtaining the correct bat surveys, tweaking the plans ourselves and of course producing one of our very well regarded Design and Access Statements.

With all this in place the applications (both planning and listed building consents were necessary) this time proceeded smoothly without any hitch and both consents were granted within Test Valley Borough Council‘s target date. Our clients can now get straight in touch with their builders to schedule the works and finally begin their replacement extension.

If you are finding our planning system heavy going and frustrating then why not get in touch with Pure Town Planning to see if we can help you make some headway?