Fareham Borough Council: Dan Wilden, Director of Pure Town Planning, is pleased to have just secured outline planning consent for five new detached houses for private clients on a site on the southern edge of Fareham in Hampshire.

Despite being a largely brownfield site comprising a house with attached car sales lot, the application site had been drawn just outside the settlement boundary of the town in the adopted Development Plan. On this basis the applicants had received a negative pre-application response from the Council. When they approached Pure Town Planning to review this, Dan identified that actually there were very good grounds to challenge this response and we set about doing so with an outline planning application submission.

After a protracted negotiation with a few minor tweaks to the layout, the planning officer’s accepted that the proposal was acceptable in principle given the lack of a 5-year housing land supply in the Borough. With this confirmed we moved onto the next key issue, which was to secure nitrate credits to mitigate the nitrogen impact arising from the new homes. At present this can be a time consuming and costly process but eventually the purchase of the credits was secured and the permission issued.

If you have had a negative pre-application response from the Council planners why not contact Pure Town Planning and ask one of our consultant to review it – we may see a way around it or might advise it worth challenging completely.