Borough of Poole: Darryl Howells has secured an approval for a Non Material Amendment application (NMA) to make changes to the interior and exterior of 2 previously approved houses in Poole. A Non Material Amendment application does not have any public consultation so a decision can be received usually within 3 weeks.  The judgement for the planning officer is whether the changes are (i) of consequence; (ii) significance; or (iii) substance.

Prior to the submission, Darryl reviewed the changes sought by the client and advised which would be acceptable as a NMA and which would not. The drawings were changed and Darryl submitted the application with a covering letter outlining the changes and the implications (or lack of) caused. The Borough of Poole Planning Department approved the changes within 3 weeks.

If you want to amend your approved scheme, and don’t want to apply for planning permission for the whole scheme again, please contact our team for advice how to best secure your changes without incurring delay or additional cost.