Dorset Council (former Purbeck area): Matt Annen, a director of the firm, has recently secured planning permission to sever an existing plot and erect a terrace of 3 dwellings at the rear of the site with their own separate access and parking arrangements. The site is within the settlement boundary of Upton and currently consists of a detached chalet bungalow with a large rear garden and a number of ancillary outbuildings.

Given the site context, and the presence of a number of other backland/garden infill developments nearby, we worked closely with our friends at Anders Roberts Cheer architects who designed a scheme which reflected the layout, scale and character of other recent developments in the area.

Within our supporting design, access and planning statement we put forward a robust justification that the proposal was of an appropriate density, design and layout which responded positively to the site’s context and in a form which would not give rise to demonstrable harm to amneities of neighbouring residents or detrimentally impact upon the surrounding character of the area.

Upon considering the application and supporting documents the Council agreed with our conclusions and moved to grant planning permission for the development under delegated powers.

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