New Forest National Park: Darryl Howells has secured full planning permission to erect a 4 horse stable block (plans drawn by ARC Architecture Ltd) on land located within the National Park.

In the planning statement that is used by Pure Town Planning to justify the development in light of national and localised planning policies, Darryl highlighted that the relevant policies were DP18 (Design Principles), DP35 (Field Shelters and Stables), and Policy DP15 (Recreational Horse Riding). In addition the Local Planning Authority have produced the Guidelines for Horse Related Development SPD (September 2011) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Prior to submitting the planning application, Darryl carried out extensive research including reviewing the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horse, Ponies, Donkeys and their hybrids (December 2017). This document is a material planning consideration and in part supersedes the Council’s own SPD guidance as the DEFRA document is now deemed best practice for horse keeping environments and conditions.

Having regard to the above, Darryl successfully argued that the design of the stable block was appropriate and there was ample provision of space to accommodate each horse and their individual grazing needs. The external appearance of the building is to be simplistic comprising timber cladding and slate roof which will complement the adjacent Conservation Area setting nearby.

Here at Pure Town Planning we are experts at securing planning permissions in urban locations, but our skills base extends to rural environments too. Each of our consultants are pro-active and put the same amount of effort in to secure planning permission irrespective of the site, or size of the scheme whether it be the erection of a housing scheme, block of flats, commercial building or a stable block in the middle of the countryside – we go that extra mile to be successful for our clients. If we can help you then please contact one of our planning consultants.