Christchurch Borough Council: Pure Town Planning are ‘ferry’ pleased to announce that we have recently ‘anchored’ planning permission for the erection of a new private jetty for a waterfront property in Mudeford, Christchurch.

The application site has a unique harbourside location and the applicant wished to maximise the potential of this so that they would be able to dock their pleasure craft from the rear of their property.

Given the ecologically sensitive context of the site – in the Christchurch Harbour SSSI, Solent and Dorset Coast SPA and the River Avon SAC – we worked closely with structural engineers Calcinotto and environmental consultants CGO Ecology, to ensure that the scheme was sensitively designed to safeguard protected species and ensure the proposed jetty structure was ‘ship shape’.

Within our supporting design, access and planning statement we put forward a robust justification that the proposal was an appropriate design response to the site’s context and the jetty would not in itself give rise to demonstrable harm upon protected migratory bird and fish species, and the surrounding character and appearance of the area.

It was not all ‘plain sailing’, and prior to submission of the application we underwent a thorough pre-application consultation process, liaising with the Environment Agency, Natural England, The Marine Management Organisation, and other consultees to ensure the application would not ‘rock the boat’. However, our in-depth approach ensured that during the application there were no ‘troubled waters’ and as a result, the case officer ‘tied the knot’ and granted the application.

Our client was ‘oar-struck’ with the decision, as because some could say we went ‘overboard’ at the pre-application consultation stage, this meant the application ‘sailed through smoothly’.

If you are in ‘troubled waters’ and would like to pursue a jetty (or other development) at your property, do not ‘abandon ship’, why not call the ‘crew’ at Pure Town Planning on 01202 585524 or email for a FREE 30 minute consultation on how we can help you.