Test Valley camp siteTest Valley Borough Council: Pure Town Planning have recently secured a tricky planning consent for a new camp site near Romsey. The proposal, when submitted by a different planning agent, had been turned down last year by Test Valley Borough Council for a variety of technical reasons. The owner approached Pure Town Planning for advice and having studied the background we could see that with work there was a way through the various issues to achieve the planning permission.

Demonstrating our versatility on this one we produced the plans ourselves with preliminary landscape proposals and also a Flood Risk Assessment (with Flood Evacuation Plan) as part of the site was within Flood Zone 3.

Initially all was going swimmingly – the Environment Agency were happy with our Flood Risk Assessment, the County Ecologist was happy with the proposed habitat enhancement and restoration measures and the landscape officer was content with the landscape impact. In short all the previous issues were successfully resolved. Then just as the planning officer was approaching the point of making a favourable decision under delegated powers, a completely unrelated application on neighbouring land was submitted resulting in a flurry of “linked” objections from residents in the surrounding area. The upshot was that the application had to be reported to planning committee. Fortunately the members of Test Valley Southern Planning Committee saw sense and followed the recommendation of the planning officers to grant permission.

If you have recently received a planning refusal, why not contact us for an initial free consultation and see if we think there is scope to turn it around with an appeal or a new application.