BCP Council (Poole):  Darryl Howells is pleased to secure a planning permission for the erection of an attached two bedroom house with off -road car parking in the Hillbourne area of Poole.  The scheme was drawn by Plan Build, however the applicant sought Darryl’s involvement as the planning agent, due to his localised knowledge of the policies and issues regarding this type of development. 

Prior to Darryl’s instruction, the applicant had sought planning permission for a different house however that was refused by the Local Planning Officer due to design and amenity concern, harm to the prevailing pattern of development and concerns over highway safety. 

Following his instruction, Darryl essentially redesigned the house, its position and the alignment of the plot so the draughtsman could reproduce the plans ready for submission. With the aid of a robust planning statement and the amended plans, the planning officer was persuaded by Darryl, that the scheme had addressed the reasons for refusal and could now be approved under delegated powers. The applicant is thrilled to receive the planning permission especially as his first scheme was refused quite promptly.

If you have received refusal of planning permission, please contact one of our consultants to review the plans so we can make positive recommendations to address whatever the issues are; so a revised planning application can be submitted and hopefully approved.