Dorset Council: Jess Glover is thrilled to announce that she has recently secured planning permission for the erection of a new dwelling on Whitfield Road, Dorchester. Plans were designed and drawn by Aspire Architects.

Prior to the grant of planning permission, the site had a negative planning history with an application for a dwelling being refused on the site by West Dorset District Council in 2012 and earlier a two dwelling scheme being refused and then dismissed on appeal by a Planning Inspector in 2010 because of concerns relating to the character and appearance of the area and loss of privacy.

The client approached Pure Town Planning in the hope that we would be able to assist in securing an approval on the site by addressing the reasons for refusal of the previous schemes.

Following consideration of the application, Council planning officers considered that the revised proposals were better informed by the site’s surroundings and the area’s urban context and therefore recommended approval. During the planning process, we negotiated with the planning officer to overcome concerns about overlooking, amenity space and dominance in the street scene, which resulted in a reduction in the footprint and height of the dwelling and the loss of the detached garage.

Upon considering the application and supporting documents, Officers agreed with our conclusions and moved to recommend approval.

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