Photo 3
The existing site with dog kennel building

East Dorset District Council: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce our latest planning success in East Dorset District Council. The consent was for outline planning permission for a brand new purpose-built church hall in the green belt just off the A31 at St Leonards in Dorset.

The proposed church hall will replace a dog kennel building of substantial size thus the Council agreed that the openness of the green belt would not be materially harmed by the new building. The main point of concern on the application was the access which has to be direct from the A31 a dual carriageway trunk road which falls under the jurisdiction of the Highways Agency. The first application sought consent for a new access to the A31, replacing the existing access to the site with a superior version. Unfortunately the Highways Agency insist on a full level of detail in advance (even for an outline application) which would require full detailed designs and independent safety audits (requiring for example extensive speed surveys). They did however indicate that they would actually have no objection to the reuse of the existing established access. So in order to keep things straightforward that is exactly what we subsequently applied for. The church has now acquired the land and can move forward with a reserved matters application.

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