BCP Council (Christchurch): Matt is delighted to share the news that planning permission has been secured for the demolition of an existing building and the erection of a large replacement dwelling with outbuilding in Mudeford. This stunning new house was expertly designed by local firm; DMW Architects.

The planning officer considered that the new dwelling will be mainly two storey, and therefore more prominent in the street, however, given the size and variety of the other properties in the road they did not consider this caused harm to the character and general visual amenity of the area.

The appointed officer liked the design of the new property stating it had an attractive and contemporary appearance with a gable on the front and rear elevations and a pitched roof-form. She concluded that the proposed dwelling was acceptable in the context of the road and in area where replacement dwellings of comparable size and scale have recently been erected.

Owing to the separation distance, design, siting the proposed dwelling and fenestration arrangements the officer deemed that there would not be any materially harmful impact on neighbouring privacy, curtailment of outlook or loss of light.

Very unusually for BCP Council the consent came through in just 6 weeks from validation. Fingers crossed this is a sign of things to come in 2023!

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