Wiltshire Council:  Pure Town Planning recently secured approval of a Section 73 application to vary two conditions imposed upon a scheme for additional housing that they won at appeal two years ago.  The amendments that required planning permission were the changes to the roof form to remove a flat roof replacing it with a hipped, pitched roof; and removal of obscured glazing to windows.  The plans were drawn by ARC Architecture Limited but the client instructed one of our consultants to apply and justify the changes in light of adopted planning policies.

Our report was very robust, and the planning officer accepted the changes without resistance and approved the plans within 5 weeks of registration.  All too often at the moment we are complaining about how long Councils take on applicaitons but in this case the planning officer has to be commended for her speedy decision. It makes a welcome change and which now enables the applicant to sell the dwellings to potential buyers, with the paper trail in order.

If you have amended a development scheme during the course of its construction, and now you need to regularise the situation so you paper trail is in order, then please contact one of our consultants who will be able to assist you further.