Cranleigh Road Bournemouth

Bournemouth Borough Council: Pure Town Planning are celebrating yet another residential planning approval in Bournemouth. The latest addition to Pure Town Planning’s 2013 Approvals List saw a garden assembly site which created a plot for a new small family home in the Cranleigh Road area of Bournemouth.

Relatively early on in the process we managed to convince the Planning Officer that this was a great opportunity to provide an additional small family home, which lies within the settlement boundary, in close proximity to local shops, services and schools and of a design which is characteristic of other properties in the immediate locality. Such proposals are encouraged by Policy CS19 of the Bournemouth Core Strategy.  Despite receiving the planning officer’s recommendation to grant, this application was red carded by a ward Councillor who echoed a number of the neighbour’s concerns which meant that it had to be determined at Planning Committee. Pure Town Planning presented a deputation in support and the application was unanimously approved by the Planning Board.

The proposed plans were prepared by local architects; Anders Roberts and Associates who devised a scheme which sat comfortably on its plot and with neighbouring dwellings with separation distances well within the range of other building-to-building spacing in the vicinity and of a design which was consistent with the character and appearance of other nearby dwellings.

Three years on from the “end of garden grabbing” headlines, Pure Town Planning are continuing to demonstrate that where proposals are appropriate to their context, development on garden land is alive and well. We believe that our continued success is down to a proper understanding of the context of the site from the outset and getting the plans right first time before the Council even saw them. Oh and once again our own affordable housing viability report was enough to persuade the District Valuer (and the Council) that instead of a £28,000 contribution towards affordable housing, only a £5000 contribution was applicable, representing a significant reduction.

If you are wondering whether your garden either on it’s own or in combination with neighbouring gardens has any development potential then why not give us a call, send us an email or even pop in and see us to find out how we may be able to help you.