BCP Council (formerly Bournemouth Borough Council): Matt Annen, director of Pure Town Planning, is pleased to have secured planning permission earlier this week for the demolition of an existing bungalow and its replacement with four detached bungalows in Northbourne for clients Amirez Developments.

The scheme was designed by Anders Roberts Cheer and the officer concluded that the proposed sizes, scales, sitings, layouts, forms, designs and amenity space allocations of the bungalows were considered acceptable in this location, relative to and with reference to other similar local infill developments. The single-storey, predominantly rear-sited
development was deemed not to harm the streetscene or the character of the area.

The site backs onto the River Stour and constraints to the site came in the form of part of the site falling within the Flood Zones 2 and 3. But working alongside CGS Civils Ltd, who assisted with the Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy, together this was resolved to the LPA’s satisfaction. Part of the site also fell within the Green Belt and PTP presented a strong case which was shared by the appointed planning officer that whilst the new infill bungalows will be close to the Green Belt, their footprints do not encroach within green belt land and because they are single-storey, low-set, and are part of a much larger settled long-standing residential post-war estate, they were not judged to affect the setting of the Green Belt or its openness or constitute damaging encroachment in this particular case. Lastly, during the process we were informed that it was historically a known Tip Site buffer. To address this, a contaminated land report was conditioned.

The application process took 4 months (instead of the normal two) but in the current climate and given the aforementioned constraints to the site which needed to be resolved, its not bad going and we worked pro-actively with the planning officer with regular communication throughout the process, so it didn’t actually feel like it was delayed.

Here at Pure Town Planning, we like nothing more than securing our clients planning approvals. If you have a potential development site which you would like us to assess, why not give us a call or email info@puretownplanning.co.uk for a free appraisal. Could you be missing out on a prospective development opportunity?