London Borough of Richmond: Matt Annen is delighted to announce that he has recently secured full planning permission for the creation of a new first floor “flying” flat above a driveway to a backland mixed use residential and commercial development (8 residential units and B1 office space) currently under construction in ‘the big smoke’. This scheme was designed by local architects; Anders Roberts Cheer for clients; Woodcroft Developments.

The scheme was carefully designed to continue the existing terrace either side and reflect the historic arrangement on this site and similar ‘archway flats’ have been approved in the locality (see photo below). The appointed planning officer therefore concluded that the scheme would have a harmonious impact upon the streetscene.

The client was understandably thrilled with the decision and is now preparing to construct this unit alongside the development at the rear. If you have received a planning consent and would like to know whether there is any opportunity to maximise the potential further, then contact one of the team on 01202 585524 or email for a FREE 30 minute consultation.