Four larger dwellings in Southbourne

Bournemouth Borough Council: You may remember in August last year we announced that Pure Town Planning had secured permission for four dwellings in Southbourne. Of particular importance on that project was that through the submission of a comprehensive viability report we were able to convince the District Valuer that an affordable housing contribution was not justified in that instance.

That approved scheme had a hipped roof form and at the time of the consent we advised our client that if they wanted to push the boundaries further to increase the floorspace they could go back in for a re-arranged roof form inserting front gables and side dormer window features to maximise the value of the site.

Our client took our advice on board and earlier this year came back to us and instructed us to “go for it”. Pure Town Planning jumped straight to work and working alongside the architect Tony Holt Design formulated an a revised scheme which was submitted to the Local Authority. Despite the scheme being larger Bournemouth Borough Council conceded that again an affordable housing contribution was not justified.  Consent was granted within the 8 week time frame.

If you have had a recent permission and would like to explore the possibilities of pushing the boundaries further to maximise the value of your site, then why not give us a call, send us an email or pop in and see us and take advantage of our FREE half hour consultation we offer on all sites.