Dorset Council: Matt Annen has successfully secured planning permission for a sub-division of an existing site and the erection of a pair of semi-detached dwellings just outside Wimborne town centre. The scheme was designed by Brian Nicholls Architects Ltd for a mutual developer client.

Given the current staffing difficulties that Dorset Council seem to be facing and the over capacity of the officer’s that they do have this application took a year (almost to the day) from registration to determination which was very frustrating for both ourselves and our client but it appears this is now the world we live in… It begs the question how efficient Council’s and their officers actually are at “working” from home or whether a return to the office would see an improvement in determination timescales… A debate for another time perhaps.

In any case in this instance the appointed planning officer eventually concluded that:

The proposal would provide an additional 2 dwellings in the urban area contributing to the Council’s housing supply. The development proposed is of traditional appearance and would sit comfortably in the context of the site and have no adverse impact on the character and appearance of the immediate area, the amenities of occupants of adjacent properties, soft landscaping and the integrity of Dorset Heathlands and is judged to accord with Core Strategy policies in relation to these aspects and approval is recommended.

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