Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning are pleased to announce that we have recently secured planning permission for the erection of a pair of semi-detached dwellings to the rear of 76-78 Dorchester Road, Poole.

The application site is currently occupied by a large garage and is accessed from Hennings Park Road. The site’s immediate context is defined by large detached dwellings front Hennings Park Road and bungalows fronting Dorchester Road. Within the wider area there are also several semi-detached properties present which contribute to character of the area.

Given the site context, we worked closely with architects Anders Roberts Cheer to prepare a scheme which reflected the character of the area and mix of dwelling types. The new building was purposefully designed to have the appearance of a single dwelling. The front elevation features one front door and one porch, whilst the parking area is served by a shared access.  As such, to the casual passer-by there would be no indication that the building comprises two self-contained residential dwellings.

To respond to the neighbouring buildings, with a bungalow to the north and a two storey dwelling to the south, the proposed building has a two-storey form adjacent to the neighbouring dwelling on Hennings Park Road, with the roof form and eaves level then stepping down by 600mm to reflect the smaller scale of the bungalow to the north.

Within our supporting design, access and planning statement we put forward a robust justification that the proposal was an appropriate design response to the site’s context and this form of development would not in itself give rise to demonstrable harm upon the surrounding character and appearance of the area.

Upon considering the application and supporting documents the Council agreed with our conclusions and moved to grant planning permission for the development under delegated powers. Our client, Harlequin Homes, were delighted with the decision, which will deliver two excellent homes in a sustainable location.

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