Dorset Council (East Dorset area): Jess Glover is pleased to announce that she has recently secured planning permission for the erection of a children’s nursery (Use Class E) with associated parking, bin and cycle storage at Verwood. The plans were produced by ARC Architecture.

The client approached Pure Town Planning as they were keen to pursue development on their vacant site and through carrying out a desktop based appraisal of the site we identified it was within the Verwood urban area where we considered the provision of an additional nursery would be acceptable in principle.

During the course of the application, there were no objections from the Tree Officer or Natural England, however Environmental Health raised concerns about the potential noise impact from the outdoor play areas affecting the amenities of nearby neighbours. However through negotiation we agreed to conditions limiting the number of children playing outside at any one time and also hours of outdoor play. This was considered to reduce the potential noise disturbance significantly and addressed Environmental Health’s concerns and the application was subsequently approved.

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