BCP Council (Bournemouth area): Jess Glover MRTPI is pleased to announce that she has recently secured planning permission for the erection of a detached dwelling on Cranleigh Road in Bournemouth.

The client approached Pure Town Planning following receipt of a refusal for a similar residential scheme on the site. Having reviewed the reasons for refusal, it was apparent that the only fundamental issues related to parking and Jess considered that with a revised design this would be resolvable.

Working with Rob Nabney of Now Architecture, we advised rearranging the parking area so that it was compliant with highway standards and also provided sufficient bin and cycle storage and adequate private amenity space for future occupants.

As part of the application, we produced a supporting Design, Access and Planning Statement which put forward a robust justification that the proposal overcame the previous reasons for refusal and was an appropriate design response to the site’s context.

Upon considering the application and supporting documents the Planning Officer agreed with our conclusions and recommended the scheme for approval, with one minor tweak the front boundary wall required. Our client was delighted with the decision, which will deliver an excellent family dwelling in a sustainable location.

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