BCP Council (Bournemouth):  Darryl Howells is pleased to secure planning permission to erect a detached bungalow on a former private car park.  On Darryl’s recommendation, the client instructed Jon Harrison of Harriplan to prepare the drawings but asked Darryl to submit the application, using his full weight of planning knowledge and extensive LPA experience.

The car parking area was being used previous to the client’s purchase for parking of 3rd party vehicles, although there was no legal right to do so.  In the planning submission, Darryl explained the legal position to the Council who after submission of Darryl’s evidence, backed down in terms of loss of on-site car parking.  This then lead to the LPA’s concern that the scheme would cause on street car parking problems so Darryl then recommended the transportation consultant Phil Caseley to undertake a parking survey, which concluded there was adequate provision on the roadside, for the additional numbers of vehicles to be parked.

After some tense negotiations and resolution of other minor matters, the LPA issued the grant of planning permission for the bungalow, however since that decision, Darryl has reapplied for planning permission to erect a chalet bungalow on the site, to maximise the financial opportunity that the site brings to the client.

If you have any land and you want to explore the development opportunities it brings, then please contact one of Pure Town Planning’s consultants for a frank and honest appraisal of the likelihood of securing planning permission.