Dorset Council: Matt Annen has successfully secured planning permission to replace a demolished dwelling with 4 detached dwellings and associated vehicle access and parking. The scheme was designed by architects Anders Roberts Cheer for mutual client Balson Homes.

The site was formally occupied by a detached bungalow which has been demolished and the site cleared, in preparation to implement an extant permission for three bungalows which Pure Town Planning secured back in 2019 (see link here).

Since this consent the site has been enlarged to include a section of garden land severed from the rear gardens of two dwellings to the rear of the site which enables sufficient land to be assembled to accommodate a 4th dwelling. When assessing the impact on the character and appearance of the area the appointed planning officer deemed:

“The scale and traditional design of the proposed dwellings is in keeping with the neighbouring chalet bungalows. The forward-facing gables of the proposed dwellings at the front of the site would have a ridge height that is approx. 1 metre higher than the neighbouring dwellings. However, the lower section of their roofs is on the side of the dwellings that are adjacent to the neighbouring dwellings and reflect the height and proportions of those dwellings. In the varied design context of the street this would not appear significantly contrary to the character of the street”.

The officer concluded “Having assessed the material considerations outlined within this report, there are not considered to be any matters which would warrant refusal of planning permission in this case”, the application was subsequently approved. Whilst this application did take almost three months longer than it should have done, this is predominantly down to the significant backlog with the registration of planning applications which is currently taking between 10-12 weeks due to staff shortages and resourcing issues we are told.

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