BCP Council (Bournemouth): Phoebe Milner is delighted to announce that she has recently secured planning permission for alterations and single storey extension to a garage to use as sleeping accommodation for care home staff.

The client wished to increase the amount of accommodation for the staff without reducing the amount of resident accommodation to better meet the welfare needs of their residents. 

Pure Town Planning prepared a supporting statement and packaged up and submitted the application within a short time frame. We successfully argued that the proposal would result in a modest increase in built form as the extension remained single storey and reflected the existing materials. The internal layout of the accommodation included a bedroom and bathroom with no kitchen space. This ensured that the proposal remained subservient to the existing care home to guarantee that it is wholly supportive and associated with the primary function of the site.  Overall, the Case Officer supported our arguments as he stated that the increase in development would be marginal and not outweigh the benefits arising from the proposal to support facilities for the care home.

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