Dorset Council:  Darryl Howells is pleased to secure planning permission for the conversion of a detached garage formerly associated to a dwelling house, into a detached chalet bungalow in the Green Belt. The plans were drawn by Emma Lack of EKL Design Limited, however the client asked Darryl to submit the application based upon his extensive knowledge of planning policies and arguments for housing to be positioned in Green Belt.

Darryl presented robust arguments supporting the scheme despite adopted policy indication at first glance that housing development in this area was not appropriate. Darryl was able to argue that the reuse of an existing permanent and substantial building for housing purposes accorded with National Planning Policy, and although occupiers would use their car to access shops and services, doing so was not unsustainable or contrary to adopted planning policies. The scheme as considered by the planning officer but subsequently approved under the officer’s delegated powers. 

If you have a building of permanent and substantial structure and you want to convert it to residential, then please contact one of our consultants who may be able to assist and secure that outcome with minimal delay or costs.