Cardiff replacement dwelling approved planning consultants bournemouthCardiff Council: Another shining example of our recent successes outside the local area is the recently secured planning permission for a substantial replacement dwelling in St. Mellons, just outside Cardiff City Centre. The site currently houses a 1960s three-bedroom detached bungalow. The cramped internal layout and on-going maintenance of the ageing property were no longer deemed sufficient or financially viable by the owner and so a modernised overhaul of the property was seen as the best way forward. The approved replacement dwelling offers a radical departure from the existing bungalow. The approved scheme delivers a contemporary, two storey dwelling with open plan ground floor living spaces which take advantage of the newly proposed outdoor terraced area, which was a key requirement of the owner to maximise the potential of the site throughout the year. The overall floor space of the new dwelling has been dramatically increased to cater for the introduction of multiple spacious living areas, office, den, laundry room, 4 large en suite bedrooms and a double height entrance foyer which adds an impressive finishing touch to the high quality aesthetic of the whole scheme.

The bespoke design was prepared by architect Tony Holt Design who tailored the scale, layout and appearance of the scheme to fit with the context of the site whilst achieving the high level of internal floor space set out in the client’s brief, whilst also incorporating additional features and glazed areas to take advantage of the newly proposed external terrace. The replacement dwelling is an excellent example of how a proposal which significantly increases both the scale and mass of a dwelling can be delivered, whilst at the same time respecting the more traditional character and appearance of the existing Melville Avenue streetscene. Cardiff Council were repeatedly hesitant of the contemporary designed replacement dwelling and how it would fit in the context of Melville Avenue as the proposal is evidently larger than the existing bungalow on site and it’s respective neighbouring dwellings. However, following lengthy negotiations between ourselves, Tony Holt Design and the planning authority, we were finally able to resolutely convince the planners that the proposal was acceptable in terms of overall design, the impact to neighbouring properties and also being a beneficial visual addition to the Melville Road streetscene. The end result is a contemporary, eye catching dwelling, which offers the applicant an increased level of spacious accommodation and provides a marked improvement in terms of the functionality of the space and the overall aesthetic quality of the site.

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