BCP Council (former Bournemouth Borough Council area): Neil McKeon of Pure Town Planning has secured full planning permission for a change of use for physiotherapy treatment rooms on Wimborne Road, Bournemouth.

The scheme sees the change of use of a ground floor residential flat (Use Class C3) to physiotherapy treatment rooms (Use Class D1). A pre-application was submitted to the Council which established the proposal and the lack of impact or harm to neighbouring residents, parking levels, loss of residential units, trees and impact upon the Meyrick Park Conservation Area. Despite a less than supportive pre-application response, the applicant and Pure Town Planning persevered to demonstrate both the merits and acceptability of the change of use to D1 use at ground floor level in this accessible location to serve the clinic’s growing clientele.

Whilst the application was initially earmarked for refusal by the Council, following extensive consultation between Neil and the respective Planning, Highways and Tree Officers, their primary objections to the loss of the existing residential flat, parking and tree impacts were each addressed and overcome. This positive outcome was very welcomed news to the applicant, heralding a bright future for their physiotherapy clinic in their new location on Wimborne Road.

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