New Forest District Council: Pure Town Planning are starting the year off with a string of successes including the change of the use of a first floor snooker hall in D2 Use to a B1(a) Office Use in Ringwood.

Pure Town Planning first considered utilising Schedule 2, Part 4, Class D of the 2015 GPDO (as amended) which allows under certain limitations for buildings in A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, D1 and D2 Use to change use for a single period of up two years to A1, A2, A3 and B1 uses (check out our Guide to the Use Classes Order for a refresher on use categories – available here). To undertake this process, it requires the applicant to inform the Council (in writing) the date the site will begin to be used and what that use will be, before first occupation.  It must be noted that this temporary permitted development only allows the change of use and not any external alterations to the building.

However, in this case, we could not utilise permitted development rights as the floor space was over the permitted development threshold of 150 square metres. Thus we lodged a full planning application for the change of use. With a with strong planning submission and liaison with the Case Officer through the course of application, we ensured  the application was approved within the 8-week time-frame much to the delight of the applicant.

So if you have a commercial premises and you are looking at broadening the uses or having a different business operate there why not give Pure Town Planning a call on 01202 585524 or email for a FREE 30 minute consultation.