Wiltshire Council: Dan Wilden is pleased to have secured a consent to allow the use of an agricultural field to be used as a dog day care facility incorporating a new access, fencing and movable shelter.

These types of facilities are becoming popular and often open up without first seeking planning permission for a change of use and run into enforcement difficulties with the Council. Our client wanted to get the consent first to avoid such difficulties.

A major issue in the course of the application was that the existing field access, which was proposed to be used, turned out to be unauthorised. Thus the Council had to consider the access as if it were a brand new proposal. But the access is onto the A347 part of the Primary Route Network where new accesses are not usually permitted. After some negotiation we were able to pursuade the highways officer to allow a new access provided it was relocated on the frontage to provide the best visibility and the use was strictly limited by planning condition.

If you are thinking about putting some of your farmland to an alternative use, why not speak to one of our planning consultants to find out if you need planning consent and what the chances are of achieving it?