Ashley Cross dental studio planning consultants Bournemouth
The existing retail unit

Borough of Poole: Pure Town Planning has recently secured planning permission for a change of use from a vacant shop (Use Class A1) to a cosmetic dental practice (Use Class D1), which will offer procedures such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening and custom gumshield creation in Ashley Cross, Poole.

The application site is situated within the Ashley Cross Local Centre and therefore local planning policy requires planning applications which seek permission for non-A1 uses to demonstrate how the proposal supports and does not detract from the function, vitality and viability of the Local Centre. Furthermore, the application site is situated within the Ashley Cross Conservation Area and is a locally listed building.

As part of the application we prepared a supporting planning and heritage statement and undertook a comprehensive use class study of the Ashley Cross Local Centre, which demonstrated that of the existing 102 commercial units within the Local Centre, 56% were in A1 Use and there were no D1 uses. As such we concluded that the proposed use would be more advantageous to the local area because it would introduce a new use which is not found in Ashley Cross Local Centre, therefore adding to the variety of services currently offered in the area and making a positive contribution to the continued commercial vitality and viability of Ashley Cross. Furthermore, due to the limited alterations to the building and the benefit to the area of bringing back into use the vacant locally listed building we concluded that the proposal would benefit the enhance the Ashley Cross Conservation Area.

Ashley Cross dental studio planning consultant Bournemouth
Extract from our analysis of the Ashley Cross Local Centre

The Borough of Poole planning officer agreed with our supporting statement and found that the introduction of a new use in the area, would add to the viability and vitality of the Local Centre by increasing consumer choice, attracting visitors to the area and by providing employment. The planning officer also shared our view that the character of the Ashley Cross Conservation Area would not be adversely affected by the proposed change of use. The application was recommended for approval at and planning permission was subsequently granted by the Planning Committee.

Our client was overjoyed with the decision and she is currently preparing the premises ready for the grand opening.

If you have a commercial premises and would like to pursue a change of use application, or any other commercially-related planning application for that matter such as; increasing opening hours, new shopfronts, new signage, canopies etc. then please do not hesitate to give Pure Town Planning a call and we would be happy to chat through it with you.