BCP Council (Bournemouth area): Matt Annen, a director of the firm, feels that is is worthy of note that he recently secured permission for a Minor Material Amendment by substituting in an amended site plan which removes reference to unallocated parking and removal of a Condition to remove reference to unallocated parking – thus allowing the parking spaces to be allocated by the developer to future flat owners if required. The original application was for the erection of a block of 8 flats with cycle and bin storage and formation of parking spaces (revised scheme).

Since the previous approval in 2020, the new parking SPD in BCP has been fully adopted (on 5th January 2021). Highways were therefore notified and have no objection bearing in mind the new SPD would allow zero parking now in this location. The scheme retained 7 spaces on the site meaning that our client can now sell 7 of the 8 flats with a parking space (rather than them having unallocated previously). Thus it could make those units more desirable and valuable.

It’s worth pointing out here that the new Parking Standards SPD also requires an increased cycle provision, based upon bed spaces rather than units. Given the lack of available additional space on site we proposed a ‘stacked cycle’ system which whilst it is recognised BCP Highways do not usually accept, this arrangement was deemed to offset the reduction in on site car parking now proposed (through allocation). So, a degree of stacked cycle storage was deemed to be acceptable in this instance to prevent a larger cycle store taking all the space on site,

If you have recently received a planning permission for a flatted development which has an unallocated parking provision secured through condition in the BCP area and are looking to maximise the value of the residential units, then contact Pure Town Plan on 01202 585524 or info@puretownplanning.co.uk for a free, no obligation planning consultation to find out if we can implement a similar strategy to allocate the parking spaces on your scheme too!