Telegraph Lane

East Hampshire District Council: Proving that we handle applications of all shapes and sizes, this week Pure Town Planning secured a Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed modern single-storey extension together with a series of other alterations to a house at Four Marks in East Hampshire. The alterations fell under our client’s Permitted Development rights for their property (i.e. they could build it without the need for planning permission).

However for their peace of mind and to avoid any potential argument at a later date when they come to sell the property (especially with over-zealous conveyancing solicitors trying to root out any potential planning liability) Pure Town Planning were instructed to lodge a Certificate of Lawful Development application in effect requesting the Council to confirm that the extension was lawful… it was and the Certificate was issued by East Hampshire District Council within the statutory time period. Many homeowners looking do develop within permitted development choose to take this pragmatic and relatively cheap precaution.

If you are planning a small extension or even a larger one… and would like some advice on what you can and can’t do without planning permission, then why not give us a call today on 01202 585524 or email