BCP Council: Pure Town Planning were instructed to confirm that the partial use of a first floor area at Playgolf, Iford as a Technical Football Centre was lawful.

The use would be situated within the existing built form and would utilise vacant space above the American Golf store. The use would supplement the Golf Centre’s ‘foot-golf’ business and would provide an additional facility for use by visitors and members, especially during inclement weather.

The existing building benefited from planning permission for D2 Use (Assembly and Leisure) and the Technical Football Centre also falls within this use class. The planning department considered that the use would be incidental to Playgolf Bournemouth and therefore would not be a separate planning unit and was thus lawful.

For more information on the new Technical Football Centre and for details of what a superb facility it will be for the area, check out: https://www.eliteskillsarena.com/products

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