Two bungalows approved Bournemouth Borough planning permissionBournemouth Borough Council: Pure Town Planning have recently secured planning permission for two new bungalow homes in Northbourne between Kinson and West Parley. The proposal comprised the addition of two new bungalows to a scheme with planning permission for the erection of four new small family homes which Pure Town Planning secured in November 2013 (see here). Following the original consent, the developer was able to secure the rear portions of two more gardens to bring the scheme up to six units and maximising the use of the new access driveway.

As was the case for the previous scheme, the two new dwellings were designed by local architects PMD architects to reflect the character of other properties in the immediate locality. It was critical to the success of the application that the proposed bungalows seamlessly fit into the context of the previously approved 4 house scheme to the north of the site, as well as respecting the existing neighbouring properties in the street. The architects and ourselves worked together well as a team responding to queries/requests by Bournemouth Borough Council efficiently in order to secure the consent within the statutory time period.

Almost four years on from the “end of garden grabbing” headlines, Pure Town Planning continue to demonstrate that where proposals are appropriate to their context, development on garden land is alive and well. We believe that our continued success is down to a good understanding of the context of the site from the outset and getting the plans right first time, together with a comprehensive supporting planning statement and constant liaising with the necessary officers at the Council.

If you are wondering whether your garden, either on its own or in combination with neighbouring gardens, has any development potential then we would be delighted to advise you. We offer a confidential FREE half hour consultation so to discuss whether back-land development on your property is a possibility call us on 01202 585524 or email  to find out how we may be able to help.