Bear Cross bungalow back garden
Back land access: the garage between these bungalows is to be removed to give access to plot at the rear.

Bournemouth Borough Council: Pure Town Planning have just secured planning consent for a nice little back-land bungalow in Bournemouth’s Bear Cross suburb. The site had been turned down on appeal six years ago as part of proposal involving two new back garden bungalows one on this plot and one next door. The Inspector’s main concern then was the impact of the new shared access to the plots which was to run between the two bungalows at the front. It was thought that disturbance from cars and pedestrians using the access would be unacceptable.

On this new planning application with a well thought out scheme skillfully designed by architects Anders Roberts and Associates, we were able to convince the planning officer at Bournemouth Borough Council that with only one dwelling, with some acoustic fencing and with a minor modification to one of the front dwellings, the impact would not be harmful in this context. Planning permission was issued with minimum fuss within the statutory 8-week target period.

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