BCP Council (Poole):  Darryl Howells, has secured planning permission for a Section 73 application to vary conditions on a previously approved scheme 80 flats with associated access and parking.  The position of the site is positioned in a prominent location, on the road gyratory opposite the Civic Centre, Poole Park Conservation Area and nearby listed buildings.  The changes sought were to amend the layout, fenestration, parking arrangement and various installations needed to meet Building Regulations. The scheme was designed by ARC Architecture

A Section 73 application allows you to make material changes to an approved scheme without the need of applying for full planning permission again.  The other benefit is the planning application fee – it is currently only £234 whereas a full planning fee per new dwelling is £462. In the case Darryl was working on if a revised full application were submitted, the fee would have been £27,000!

After submitting the application Darryl and the client were engaged in lengthy and contracted negotiations with the planning officer, mainly due to the Authority’s conservation and planning officers refusing to initially accept the changes and requiring additional details. Darryl worked endlessly it seemed to overcome the concerns of the planning officer and finally secured the planning permission at the end of December. 

The client is very pleased with the outcome and now can construct the Building as he wants to, not being restricted to a scheme that secured the original planning permission 2 years before his involvement. 

If you have planning permission or any considering buying a site with extant panning permission but would like to change it to a layout or elevation design that you prefer, then please contact Pure Town Planning to discuss those changes and how we can help you materialise your dream.